Super Fun Science


Many, many thanks to Parents Club for bringing COSI to St. Bernard!

Every grade had a chance to interact with COSI's traveling ecology program about everything from the food chains to metamorphosis to animals' adaptations in their vision, fur, and coloring. 

See more pictures here!



Fussless Fundraisers


In an effort to keep tuition as low as possible, we use fundraisers to cover many of our expenses. 

We make it a point to avoid fundraisers that require students or families to sell products to family or friends. 

Please review the list of fundraisers and participate as you are able. 

Thank you!



The Scoop on Chromebooks


You may have heard your kids talking about the Chromebooks at school. You can think of the Chromebooks as laptops that only access the internet; they don't have their own software programs but can access all sorts of programs and applications (apps) on the internet.

If you'd like to see some of the sites that the students use at school (or if they'd like to get extra practice on these at home), make this selection from any page of our website:

For Our School Families >> Chromebook Launch Pad