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 School Administration
Mr. Tony Ertel

Mrs. Christel Murphy
Assistant Principal
 Mr. Kenneth Glassmeyer
Office Manager
 Grade Level Teachers
Mrs. Sarah Ferrier 
Miss Elizabeth Bachus 
1st Grade

Mrs. Bridget Louis
2nd Grade
Mrs. Bridget Westerkamp
3rd Grade
  Ms. Mary Beth Dickert
4th Grade
Mrs. Amy Lampe
5th - 8th Grade Math
 Mrs. Heather Fredette
5th Gr. Lang. Arts & Scl. Studies
6th Gr. Lang Arts, Scl. Studies &

Mrs. Catherine Misiti
7th Gr. Lang. Arts, Scl. Studies 
8th Gr. Lang. Arts & Scl. Studies
Mr. Sean Feldman
5th - 8th Grade Religion 
Mr. Patrick Bellman
5th - 8th Grade Science
Additional Staff 

 Mrs. Tracy Grosick
th-8th Grade Accelerated Math

Mr. Dan Koterba
Physical Education

Mrs. Emily Beck

 Mrs. Jessica Tenkotte
Lead Library Volunteer

Mrs. Karen Placke

Mr. Marty 
Computer Science
Mrs. Donna Bischof
Instructional Aide
Mrs. Lori Schulte
Intervention Aide
Mrs. Mindy Barnes
Speech Pathologist

 Mrs. Sue Karwich
Title I Reading Tutor 
Mrs. Katie Harrell
Intervention Specialist 

Mrs. Elizabeth Kessler
Title I Reading Tutor

 Mrs. Maria Boling
5th - 8th Spanish 

Mr. Dave Tester
Instructional Aide 

Mrs. Elle Schweppe
Intervention Specialist 
  Mrs. Shannon Buckner
Intervention Specialist