Becoming the Best Version of Ourselves

The phrase "becoming the best version of ourselves" comes from Catholic author/speaker/consultant Matthew Kelly and beautifully summarizes God's call to each one of us - a call to holiness. As our school theme, it reminds us to develop the very best of our academic gifts and personal character as we allow our faith to inform our thoughts and actions.

All of us - teacher and student, young and old, parent and child - can respond to the call to become the best version of ourselves and to help others do the same.

As a school, then, we know that we don't teach subjects; we teach children. And those children need to be guided toward their "best self" in every area - intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual. The foundation for this important work is our Catholic faith.

During this school year, we will give particular attention to virtue as part of each person's character and spiritual development. As Matthew Kelly notes in Rediscovering Catholicism: Journeying Toward Our Spiritual North Star:

No man is born virtuous. 

Good habits are not infused.

Virtue must be sought out and 

can only be acquired by continual practice. 

You learn to ride a bicycle by riding a bicycle. 

You learn to play baseball by playing baseball. 

You learn to be patient by practicing patience. 

You become virtuous by practicing virtue.

Through various activities and discussions (some that are school-wide and others that are grade-specific), students will learn about a particular virtue each month and learn how to live out that virtue in their lives.